Jakarta, TrisaktiPost - Former Prime Minister (PM) of England, Tony Blair said that the meeting with President Joko Widodo was going very well, and the project of moving the capital city would be very special because the way of its development gave special emphasis on aspects of cleanliness and greening.

"Doing the best for the environment but also the new capital allows the country's economy as a whole for development and growth," Tony Blair said as he gave a report to reporters after meeting with President Joko Widodo at the Merdeka Palace, DKI Jakarta Province, Friday (28/02) / 2020).

According to Tony Blair, much remains to be discussed, but for now, in the development of Indonesia, this is a very pleasant time to be here and feel impressed by the President's vision and commitment to this new project.

Furthermore, Tony Blair revealed that he was here because he saw that President Jokowi's vision for a new capital was very interesting. He added that this new capital city would be a place for people to come and live and work, but it would not only be a capital in the sense of being a central government but a capital that could offer a new dimension to the Indonesian economy. "How he developed and became an example for the best technology, as long as the development in a sustainable environment, I was asked to bring the best people to be present here whether it is in terms of technology, universities, and others," added Tony Blair.

Thus, according to Tony Blair, the Indonesian people created something absolute and could be identified as capital for Indonesia, but it was also a place where people from all over the world wanted to contribute because they saw this as an interesting project. "So I think my role is to really try to make contact in the UK or elsewhere but not limited to any one country or any one geography but very much about trying to ensure that the best people are brought to be part of this project," he continued.

Frankly, Tony Blair said that the new capital city would become a place for people to move back, live, and work in the city and because, in the end, they would feel part of something exciting, new, and different. "It came to the point of extraordinary change from global technological changes and changes in the development of Indonesia itself, and I think that is a very interesting thing," he added.

For information, Tony said that he would use his relations so that he could try and bring as many people as possible to be part of the development of the new capital.

In line with Tony Blair, Masayoshi Son said that the meeting with President Jokowi Widodo and other ministers went very well. "I think this new capital will be the first 21st-century capital city, with lots of new technology, with AI, IoT, and high technology," Masayoshi said.

He also agrees with Tony Blair that the new capital will have lots of green open space, which is good for the environment, clean, good for the community, beautiful blue sky, and people can live in a safe and clean environment. "So I hope this capital city project will really come to make people's lives happier," he said.

Regarding Investment, Masayoshi invites us to see the whole picture, that is what the risks are, the excitement of being part of this, and see the benefits. "So we have to discuss all types of planning. What is the total amount we need? What city design. What is population. What are the basic rules and regulations. So we have to see the whole picture, "he added.

At the end, after seeing the whole picture, Masayoshi said that he would decide how many and from which entity, but so far, the discussion had been going in the right direction, very interesting and good. "We have every time we invest, we have to see each other in the company or project leader. So here, we have a fantastic leader in Indonesia, a fantastic team as cabinet members and fantastic citizens, "concluded Masayoshi while saying that this was a good start.

The Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut B Pandjaitan, also stressed that this meeting had made a lot of progress and basically had almost reached an agreement. "The president directed that there was a technical meeting of our team with his team Mr. Masa and Prime Mr. Blair, Tony Blair, for details and we give the time limit in these 3 times, these 3 weeks we have to solve. Now the consultant already has McKinsey, but we added earlier from Mr. Masa that the Nikkei and also from another one from America, so these 3 consultants will concoct all these concepts, "said Luhut.

The concept from Indonesia and the existing concept, according to Luhut, were integrated so that everything was really good, the two advisers also had commitments, and had agreed on several things.
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