SM Saleh called regular or Saleh Mantar, legislative candidates (Caleg) of the Patriot party to the Elections (DP) I West Sumbawa, rule acquisition vote in District elections Poto Tano.

Caleg that during this active NGOs as activist earnings surpass voice caleg-caleg carried a large party, such as Golkar and PDI Perjuangan. Results summary of West Sumbawa KPU was held yesterday, Saleh achieve personal voice as much as 1080. Meanwhile, total voice revenue Patriot Party in 1171 as Poto Tano voice. Acquisition of voice Saleh a significant place at the same time as the Patriot Party wholesaler more vote in District which is a gate of Sumbawa Island. With the acquisition of the vote, Saleh will be 1 of a cop's 9 seats for the Legislative KSB DP I.

Position in the second acquisition caleg voice, place the M Hasan Nur, caleg from the work of the CSR (PKPB) with a gain of 227 votes, followed Mancawari LM Caleg Golkar party with 152 votes. Golkar itself haru is satisfied on voice vote on the acquisition Poto Tano with a total of 439 votes.

Poto Tano district to own, KPU KSB has completed the process of acquiring recapitulation voice. Calculation of the district vote, yesterday afternoon continued with the summary for the district Brang ene which is also included in the DP I. This news is written to the voice Brang ene is still in progress. Thus the two districts in the DP that I still have not recapitulated by KPU, namely district and sub district Brang Rea Seteluk.

DP for the new District III Sekongkang who have completed recapitulated KPU. At the most southern district KSB, the Partai Keadilan Sejahtera wash most votes, as many as 979 votes. Caleg number one from the MCC for DP II Abidin Nasar also ensure a voice as a wholesaler with the most votes in the 663 acquisition Sekongkang. Position acquisition in the second vote caleg, place by Syahrul Mustofa SH, caleg number 2 for DP III of the Golkar party. Syahrul reach as many as 397 votes. Golkar to reach total revenue of 397 votes in Sekongkang, followed Hanura acquisition with 369 votes. Hanura but failed to take the number three series acquisition Caleg vote. Caleg who get most votes from the party Wiranto be Ekayanti by Yuli with 151 votes. Vote number three for most caleg be Syafei by MK from PDIP to get 244 votes. PDIP only get as many as 350 total votes.

"District Maluk (DP III) is also not true because we recapitulation of data acquisition from the vote not go to the KDP KPU," Heru demolished.
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