To date, the acquisition of the party vote in the Election District Dompu has not been announced because it is still done Recapitulation in each KDP. However, the data obtained Gaung NTB from various sources, while the results voice acquisition in the three regions Regional Elections (Dapil) still dominated parties long or as large PKNU party, Golkar, PKB, PAN, PBB and PBR, in addition to the new party as HANURA and PPD.

For one Dapil District Dompu, Pajo and Hu'u, Partai Amanat Nasional (PAN) get highest vote followed PKNU, Golkar, PKS, PIB, Hanura, Democrat, Barnas, UN, PPRN and PPP.

While for Dapil II in District Woja and Kilo, PKNU at first, Golkar, PKB, PAN, PNI Marhaenisme, UN, PBR, Hanura, and Freedom Party to compete with the strict pioneer and Democrat. While for the three Dapil in District Manggelewa, Kempo and the District of dense, also PKNU place as the party who obtained the highest vote, followed by PPP, Golkar, PAN, PDIP, Hanura, MCC, Kedaulatan Party, PIB and PMB.
But of course the result is not final vote and may be changed at any time, because up to this day in each KDP is in the three that are still in progress Dapil recapitulation vote. "We dare not give the results," said one member of KDP Kecamatan Dompu.

Until now watched Gaung NTB in Dompu KDP and KDP Woja done recapitulation middle voice. Even in the district Woja new village 2 from the 13 villages. KDP Woja have to work hard day and night, witnessed the political party and witnesses are kept strictly Panwaslu the police.

There are some elements of the issue would balk at the recapitulation because KDP Kecamatan Kelurahan Kandai Two Woja, Monta and the Village of New Wawonduru in TPS 1, five envelope is found unlock.
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