Sumbawa Besar
Some 4556 students from 39 high schools, and MA in Kabupaten Sumbawa SMK akan follow the National Examination (UN), which was held 20-23 April 2009 this. A number of students includes 2,929 high school students, 740 MA students, 878 students and 9 students SMK SMALB.

Kadis Diknas Sumbawa through Kasi Secondary Education Curriculum, A Karim S.Pd. This followed the arrival was a matter for all subjects in the UN's Dikpora NTB, Friday around 06.00 Wita, which later will be buried at the police station and Polsek by the school administrator.

For implementation of the UN, said Karim, will be monitored by security officers and universities UNRAM assigned to UNSA Sumbawa. While only Diknas monitoring internally.

Meanwhile, the Head of SMA Negeri 2 Sumbawa, M Ali HK M.S.Pd on the sidelines of the UN in the matter of Mapolres Sumbawa, states that the students is ready to UN. Is the maximum in preparing their students through The good and try out which was 4 times as much as, in addition to mental spiritual guidance.

He hopes the preparation, the school target of 100 percent or more increased from years ago about 95 percent. However, the target of these students returned to the condition of each.
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